Close calls

Close talks- how detox affects our lives- a conversation between Nulina&Aga Sova

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Agnieszka Kowalczewska better known under the pseudonym Aga Sova painter living and working in London. She is the owner of Aga Sova Art studio and a contributor to the art and creation magazine Luxury Splash of Art. She discovered her passion for intuitive painting in 2015 during a workshop where her heart and intuition led her.
The surrounding reality, and above all nature, inspire the Artist to capture fleeting impressions not only on canvas, but from 2019 also on silk. Scarves and neckerchiefs made of this noble material are created to emphasize the unique beauty of every woman, add elegance, chic and uniqueness. This unique and demanding precision technique has been appreciated by connoisseurs of the subject – hand-painted scarves and pillowcases by Agnieszka Kowalczewska have been awarded in the Top 25 British Made Scarves Brands!
Aga Sova believes that every person is the creator of their own reality and the world around them. The artist is also convinced that what comes from the heart is true. Through his paintings and his philosophy, he encourages each of us to express ourselves because, as he says, that’s why we came into this world. For her, painting is a form of meditation, calming down and, a bit perversely, getting lost in order to find herself again in silence.
The works and history of Sova Art inspire each of us to return to a passion abandoned in the midst of everyday responsibilities, or to start searching for it and thus find fulfillment. It is no coincidence that “All done in LOVE is done well” is her motto!

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