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🔆 Maybe some of you are thinking about cleansing your body and mind? I personally encourage it. Yesterday marked two weeks of my juice cleanse. I feel good, light, have lots of energy, a clear mind, peace, a quiet joy within me. These two weeks made me realize a lot, I got to know my possibilities, I am in touch with my body, as if in a conscious union of Soul and body.
This detox, for me, is an introduction to the raw food diet. My body feels very comfortable taking in raw food. I have thought about bretarianism before detox, I know it is possible for me, however, not yet. First the raw stage, the juices and therefore a deeper, more thorough cleansing, regeneration, healing of the body. I’ll work with my body. That’s it for this moment. What will be revealed next
Other than that, it was fun. Sometimes it was hard, physically or emotionally, because it’s a deep process. But Nulina’s support, her experience, the support of the others, the Love of each other, the understanding… the sharing of each other. Usually after a few hours or on the second day the mood changed to joyful, the space of pena of Love appeared… Generally detox CUD, changes are irreversible….


🔆 It was such a beautiful and opening experience! I didn’t even write anything from myself. So he writes now in a comment. I recommend to all who want to go deeper into themselves, feel their body and mind:) For me it was an extraordinary time, a beautiful adventure, I found a balance in myself that accompanies me until now. Meetings in groups are a wonderful energy that was a great support, as well as each word of Nulina:) The days passed gently and at the same time each day was unique and gave a feeling of inner transformation, I recommend!


🔆 I invite you to this special time of being with each other within yourself. A time where the body begins to breathe again, becomes light and various beliefs and programs fall away on their own. It’s a process so it can be difficult to feel good, but the strength of Nulina’s and the whole group’s support is enormous. For me, it’s a wonderful jump into a completely different vibe.

🔆 Wonderful time it was, so much newness from awareness, so much freedom from love, I can feel my body yearning because of this time of cleansing, so I’m replaying myself, my mind is still jumping around like a barking ratler, but I’ll pet it and we’ll go for a walk.

🔆 I wholeheartedly recommend the detox with Nulina, thanks to your support Nulina and the group I found that something I thought was impossible turned out to be just my limitation that I am able to easily overcome with positive results for myself.


🔆 Detoxing with you Nulina was something completely different than my previous attempts on my own. Your understanding of body and mind processes, your wise guidance and support of the group made my compulsion not to rule me anymore and if the mind tries anything I am able to recognize it immediately and react. The detox has made me feel healthy, happy and more creative, including at work, which I had trouble with due to early burnout.
I’m glad you came into my life, because thanks to you I could meet and love my true self. Thank you and you and the whole group for your support.
I highly recommend everyone to dare to give themselves this beautiful gift. I recommend a detox, which is easier than it sounds in a group.

🔆 Detox with Nulin, is the most beautiful gift you can give to your body, soul, heart and mind. Harmonizing space and Loving Yourself on every level, such a homecoming. I recommend it from the heart. Thank you, Nulina. Love and hugs.

Anne H.

🔆 Detox with Nulina is something you simply have to experience for yourself. It’s impossible to tell what it’s like because it means something a little different to everyone. You have to experience it for yourself. It is an encounter with yourself, with your mind, soul and body. It’s about discovering your true nature. I’m already getting ready for the February meeting.

🔆 Highly recommended! It was one of the best decisions of my life to enter into this challenge and discover the best version of myself; healthy, confident, cleansed, strong, calmed, to the best of my ability, with creativity awakened and inspiration to act. Thank you, Nula.

🔆 What’s interesting to me is that DETOX with NULINA is the experience that ends mood regulation with food. It is wonderful to experience how much joy the body gets from the fruit. Anne P.


I also recommend anyone who wants to do a body detox to do it in a group with Nulina. Huge support and power. I’ve never gotten to where I am now on juices alone before. A process on many levels. And to you, Nulinko, thank you for this beautiful, profound process AND the heart you put into it.


🔆 It’s an amazing experience that releases so much….

Thank you, Nulinko, with all my heart for being here.


🔆 I wholeheartedly recommend the 14 day detox with Nulinka to everyone.
It’s a huge transformation for the mind, body and spirit.
A chance to see who I really am. Going through such a detox in a group with the great support and love of Nulina also priceless.
This is one of my most beautiful and valuable life experiences


I too feel wholehearted gratitude for these 14 amazing days, in getting to know myself again with meditation, breathing, meetings and conversations. Where each new day is a new energy flowing from the juices, breaking down your inner barriers and clarity of mind.

Thank you very much, Nulinko.


🔆 I recommend wholeheartedly a wonderful and deeply moving experience. Touching the impossible. A wake-up call on a level you can’t forget. Knowing your own power beyond your limitations. Thank you for a wonderful time. I will always be part of this new and hopefully growing Family

🔆 Nulina- a wonderful Divine Being with a tremendous gift of spirit and body transformation. For me, a “shortcut “to the heart, to love, to truth, to self.

Thank you, dear. I wholeheartedly recommend this process.


🔆 I highly recommend detoxing with Nulina. For me, it was the gentlest yet deepest cleansing process. On the one hand it is a wonderful experience of transcending one’s limitations of mind, on the other hand it is a gift for the body on the way to health, and above all it is a meeting with oneself on the deepest level.


🔆 Nuli, I already, after this beautiful experience, can tell you how priceless it is to meet- meet yourself. In such a simple way- fall out programs, false beliefs, not just about food! This detox is a space for the Body, for the Mind and for the Heart thank you my love for standing in my way.


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