Facial yoga-instead of plastic surgery

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A change in your body is a change in every area of your life!

Each day we invite you to exercise together. Why?

It’s not just 15 min you can give yourself every day! It is a time of being with yourself in presence, in attention with your breath out of self-love.

The face is the image of your soul. It’s what your story, your whole life, is etched on. It shows emotions, mood, health.

According to the face map, each part of the face shows how the different parts of the body function, what is going on inside you. The body has tremendous wisdom and power. Each part of us gives us information about what is going on in us from the physical, mental, mental, spiritual side- because they are all connected and do not exist separately. There is no division, the body is one, it is limitlessly wise, it is your tool, your friend. He communicates with you through appearance. With these signals, you have information.

Exercising muscles and skin we affect not only the state of our face, but also the functioning of the whole body and all areas of life. For example, on the forehead are the energy centers, small intestine, heart, bladder, and around the eyes you will find points showing the functioning of the liver and kidneys. Each organ, each part of our face is responsible for a specific area of life. The digestive system digests not only food, but also the emotions in your life. The liver is responsible for anger, the kidneys for fear, the intestines for assimilation-acceptance.

By exercising your face - you affect everything!

Benefits of Practicing Facial Yoga:

✔️ improved circulation,

✔️ releasing blockages and tensions not just from the face,

✔️oxygenation of the skin and muscles,

✔️ Improve skin nutrition

✔️ improving circulation

✔️ creation of new muscle memory,

✔️ Creating new good habits,

✔️ increase skin elasticity,

✔️ skin strengthening,

✔️ wrinkle reduction,

✔️ improve the functioning of the whole body,

✔️ double chin elimination,

✔️ enhancing the cheekbones,

✔️ smoothing of nasolabial furrows,

✔️ modeling the oval of the face,

✔️ Firms and smoothes the skin,

✔️ rejuvenate the appearance of the face,

✔️ calming the mind.

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