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Pain and the Declaration of the Release of Pain and Suffering

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I created an injury for myself and howled in pain, going through numerous stages in the process, starting with being angry at myself for being so inconsiderate, disagreeing that people have to suffer, looking for ways to get rid of it, begging for help, deciding that I was saying goodbye to the pain, entering into humility and observation. The pain persisted and still persists slightly as a reminder of the war, but it no longer overshadows what is beautiful. It only disappeared when I dipped into myself. I’ve heard the phrase: pain takes you inside. So when I lost my attention, focusing on the physical sensations, the pain seemed like cutting blades. As I let go of the music and sought peace in my breathing, I disappeared for this next story that allows me to look again at the mechanisms of human action.
We all live in pain to some point, whether emotional or physical. We seek anesthesia to keep from howling in despair. not to look into the maw of this tearing pain of this illusory separation. Anesthesia in the form of food, shopping, internet, drugs, alcohol, drugs, but also in the form of “spiritual activities”, improving ourselves in various ways.
Most people become desensitized to something, few can stand anything, but catching the right perspective frees us from feeling like a victim of this reality. Pain is a sure way to awaken from this numbness and allow ourselves the happiness that is our essence. It has no cause in these external representations. Love does not need conditions to BE. In detention, we disappear for controversial stories. Right now.

When we run from pain, we don’t receive Information from it- stop and look inside, wash your wounds in the Love of this Present Moment.When the pain passes, we feel relief and gratitude, but when there was no real encounter with it, it will probably return in different ways. You don’t have to use pain as an alibi to rest and stop. Offer yourself balance and joy in every moment, and there will be no need to stop artificially. Listen to that Voice, for it always warns first before a real crisis occurs. When the subtle warnings don’t work, suddenly an INTERVENTION happens and you are almost forcibly redirected into the Presence.There are many elements in my story that made up the need for it to happen. I understood this in the process, but at the same time I felt that I wanted to release this program for all humanity, at least for those people who are already ready to listen to their Hearts.

Declaration of release of pain and suffering
I now release the belief that I must suffer in order to awaken. I understand that the only reason for suffering, is identification with the Mind and a false sense of separation from Source.I am a Divine Being and I Awaken Now in this Freedom from the dramas and rules of the 3rd Dimension.
Love dissolves all resistance and tension in this body.I breathe consciously and immerse myself in the Silence of all judgments.I fight nothing, I am the Observer and Creator of my reality.
I thank the teacher I called Pain, who turned out to be my guide to Presence.I can listen, feel, discover-without having to play these dramatic roles.I rise beyond replicating patterns of collective consciousness based on the illusion of separation.
I am a Divine Being and in my true Power I leave the variants of suffering because I can receive all information without intermediaries.
I fill all potentials with Love and attune to those I long for, manifesting them with ease and lightness right NOW.This is all happening for the highest good that IS.I give thanks for all the stages and journeys, yet I stop in my pursuit of anything.I am Present in All and time does not condition me.I bless all Existence, every manifestation of Divinity in all that is.I am Love, I disappear in Love, I awaken in Love, I create from Love.

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